Ultrasound Diagnostic Department

It is available to patients for all diagnoses that can be made using Ultrasound. The Ultrasound department was strategically established to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the surgeries.

The preoperative ultrasound examination is performed in the presence of the surgeon who gives guidelines and acquires a full understanding of the findings for life and not from a report after the end of the examination as is usually done.

It is crucial for the surgeon to work with the radiologist during the examination to fully investigate the affected area.

It allows the complete identification with a precision of a millimeter of the findings to be removed throughout the area of the Larynx and the Head.

It is completed with a puncture and rapid biopsy in the presence of a specialized associate of a Cytologist if necessary.

The investigation is therefore extended to all areas where metastases or congenital lesions are possible except the main patient so that they can be treated surgically all together in one operation.

Simultaneous operation on all lesions with one operation is the one that, with the least possible inconvenience, ensures radical recovery and rapid recovery of the patient.

A detailed mapping and detailed operation plan is then prepared so that nothing is left to chance, which fully addresses all the problems.

Upper Abdominal Ultrasound
The organs that are checked are the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas, the kidneys, the spleen, the retroperitoneal space, the intestine and the walls of the abdomen.
Ultrasound of Surface Organs
Superficial organs in ultrasound examination include the eye, cervix, muscles, breast, and testicles.
Triplex Vascular
With color ultrasound (Triplex) we control the flow of blood in the vessels of the body such as the aorta, carotid arteries, renal arteries, veins, and arteries of the upper and lower extremities.