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Endoscopic Nasal Surgery Method

Endoscopy is an innovative surgical method that aims to treat diseases of the nose and sinuses with the help of a high-definition camera endoscope and monitor.

The advantages of the Endoscopic Method

It allows us to have ideal lighting of the surgical field and detailed distinction of all anatomical elements. The movements of the Endoscope are controlled, it creates smaller traumatic surfaces, it has a short recovery and of course it has a higher success rate. The endoscopic solution of the problem is permanent and final. In almost all cases the solution is permanent and final. Exceptions are only malignancies and polyps of allergic etiology that need postoperative monitoring

How it is applied

The endoscope is a thinly illuminated instrument, which enters the nasal cavity avoiding external incisions and incisions in the gums as in the past. Through this the doctor examines points that until now were impossible to control and using special tools removes the pathology and improves breathing. The basic principle of endoscopic surgery is the drainage of the sinuses through their normal pathways and openings to the nasal cavity in parallel with the preservation of the normal nasal mucosa.

With the method of endoscopic surgery in which parts of the nose can we operate

We can intervene in the entire area of ​​the nasal cavity and especially in corners and blind spots of our surgical field that no other method can offer us. The use of a navigator of a navigation system that shows the coordinates of the brain in the endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal cavities, allows us to move safely very close to noble and sensitive structures, such as the meninges and the brain, the eye and the optic nerve as well. and the large vessels of the area, ensuring the radical removal of the pathology while at the same time significantly reducing the surgical risk.

Which surgeries can be performed in the nasal cavity endoscopically

All nose surgeries from the simplest to the most difficult are performed endoscopically.

Nasal diseases that are done endoscopically

Diseases of the sinuses

Orbital diseases

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