How We Treat Cancer

For the treatment of cancer, an Oncology Council is convened in each case and the state-of-the-art Medical Equipment provided by the Athens Medical Center is fully utilized.

The board includes ENT, Maxillofacial, Microsurgeon, Oncologist, Radiotherapist and Plastic Surgeon.

The intervention and treatment plan is designed with the contribution of the whole team of doctors.


Advanced Technology Medical Equipment

During the operation, the ENT removes the tumor at a safe distance of 2.5 cm around the perimeter and performs lymph node cleansing.

The Oral Surgeon removes part of the jaw when needed.

The Microsurgeon transfers a free Stump from the Peroneum to the arm or leg to replace the jaw or from the intestine to repair a Larynx-Pharynx resection and the deficit created by the safe removal of the tumor is repaired.

The Plastic Surgeon will take care of the aesthetic restoration of the area.

Depending on the stage of the disease in the course, Chemotherapy may be required to be decided by the Oncologist or Radiation which will be decided and organized by the Radiotherapist.

The results of both the Cancer cure and the aesthetic are amazing!

It is even ensured that the total cost of recovery with this therapeutic approach is lower!

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