The role of the nose in the general health of the body

To avoid general collapse of the body, burden it respiratory - cardiac  Operation even heart attack, be sure to immediately restore the proper functioning of your nose.

The nose is the instrument that cleans, heats, moisturizes and filters the inhaled air.

The good functioning of the nose ensures good oxygenation of the body and protection against diseases.

The adverse effect of poor nasal function is even more aggravating for the body during sleep.

The purpose of sleep is to reduce the energy needs of the cells and to rest the heart, lungs, and other organs.

When the nose does not work properly, the air is not filtered, because breathing takes place through the mouth, the body is not sufficiently oxygenated, and thus the heart, lungs, and other organs

they overwork to maintain necessary oxygen levels instead of resting.

The result is that the patient wakes up tired.

He can suffer from Headaches, snoring, nosebleeds, and sleep apnea, which is very dangerous because it leads to respiratory failure and heart attack!

He is short of breath and exhibits easy and unexplained fatigue.

A feeling of heaviness in the face, impaired sense of smell.



Discomfort in everyday life from a constantly dry, stuffy, or even completely blocked nose.

Tympanic collapse (due to poor ventilation of the middle ear through the auditory tube)

Inflammations such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis.

When the function of the nose is restored, the patient's condition is completely reversed!

The heart, lungs, and other organs slow down.

The patient wakes up relaxed, full of energy and good mood.

After rhinoplasty patients report being reborn and regaining physical activities they had many years ago!


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