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Otolaryngologist ENT - Pediatric otolaryngologist Pediatric ENT - Cervical and Thyroid Surgeon

Otolaryngologist - ENT Is the medical specialty, the object of which is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders that manifest in the narrow sense in the ears (ears), nose (Rees), and larynx

Pediatric otolaryngologist - Child ENT is the medical specialty, the object of which is the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases in children.

Cervical and Thyroid Surgeon

He is one of them very few Doctors who know and operate in the entire area of the Larynx and Head and Neck (neck) Bloodless and Injured, with cost which is easily manageable!

He faces at the same time in one operation all the lesions in the area with the least possible patient discomfort and the best possible results!

It is worth noting that its area Head and Cervix, which includes Thyroid gland, it is extremely complicated and one of the most difficult to operate on in the human body because they go through it important nerve plexuses but also noble and sensitive structures, such as meninges and the brain, the eye, the optic nerve and large vessels.


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